We believe that a big idea in education is paying students for learning. Moreover, not just paying, but issue the money by learning process. We develop the eDucat, an educational cryptocurrency.

Mining of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is based on wasting of a huge amount of computing power and electricity, which deteriorate the environment. Yet, mining is necessary for the existence of cryptocurrencies.

We decided to use the mind energy-consuming process of learning to mine the currency. We called it #mindning. Each educational institution can connect to the eDucat system. Each student can #mind the eDucats by learning.

Worldwide implementation of the system can provide access to education for all people. The more people become educated, the better will be the quality of their habitat. This is a huge contribution to the future of civilization.

We have been working on this idea for several months. There was a lot of interesting work:

  • researching the necessary technologies;
  • thinking out the system architecture,
  • brainstorming the liquidity of the eDucat,
  • developing the #mindning process, and
  • organizing the project.

Our next steps are:

  • prototyping the eDucat system,
  • the trial implementations, and
  • building a community.

Ahead is a lot of work that will make the planet better and smarter!

Anatoly Savin, PMP
The eDucat Team
Mail: info@eDucat.cash
Phone/Viber: +380677444615
Skype: anatolysavin

Anatoly Savin
The eDucat founder and visionary.

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